New LiveCD ISO

Within the next hour or so, I’ll be uploading a new livecd to the downloads section of the site. It is a rather clean and faithful production of an LFS system, with overlayfs added as a dracut module so that the livecd can actually be used as a system with a writable root filesystem.

Changes won’t be persistent, but, this is a much better proof of work than what was up before it.

At this point I do encourage people to try it by downloading it and firing it up in an emulator and provide feedback. I’d be thrilled to hear someone got it running on a physical machine.

While cool in and of itself, this paves the way for transitioning the image to an installer ISO, where Pyrois copies the sysroot to a subdirectory in itself to put on to a target machine to boot from local disk after some basic configuration prompts.

ISO Image file size is still an issue at 8GB. I’ll have to depart from LFS to fix that. So, this might be the “goodbye LFS” post I’ve been building up to. Not sure yet.